Buying a New Home?

Did you know that you can be represented by a REALTOR®?

If you are considering purchasing a “new build”, give me a call.

Purchasing a new home can be a meaningful and rewarding decision. You are able to visualize your dream home and make it a reality. Like any major purchase, it can also be overwhelming.

Having the expert knowledge and experience of a REALTOR® who is representing your interests can help ease the stress. Let me act as an intermediary between the seller (the builder) and you, the buyer of the property by representing you and your interests.

Throughout my career, I have assisted many clients through this process. On their behalf, I have negotiated a better bottom line or purchase price with improvements and upgrades to the final purchase agreement.

Let me work on your behalf to get the best deal possible!

Calling Gerard at 403-703-5548 is Always the right call.