Interesting Facts About Calgary

Recently, I was asked what the average age is in Calgary and while doing a search, I came across some interesting facts about Calgary.  Here are a few.  Enjoy!

  • The average age is 35.7 years.  We are a youthful city full of energy!!
  • More than 120 languages are spoken in the city
  • The Calgary region is home to more than 1.3 million people
  • There are more volunteers per capita than any other Canadian city.  Way to go Calgary!!
  • Did you know that Calgary sits at 3438 feet above sea level?
  • Calgary is Canada’s sunniest major city with on average 2300 hours a year
  • We love our Chinooks – our warm winds can raise the temperature by as much as 15C going from parkas to short sleeves.    Remember the 1988 Olympics – there were days where tourists were walking around without jackets!
  • The average rainfall per year is 12.6 inches.  The average snowfall is 50 inches.  I think we hit that this past week!!
  • The coldest temperature ever recorded was -45 C in February 4, 1893; the warmest was 36.1 C in July 5, 1919
  • You can walk 11 miles in downtown Calgary without having to go outside.  The Plus 15, an inside walkway that connects 100 buildings with 60 suspended bridges is 15 feet above the ground; thus the reason for the name – Plus 15
  • There is over 7000 hectares of parkland within Calgary and over 700kms of bike pathways
  • Calgary and New York City are about the same size geographically, however, Calgary’s population size is only 10% as big
  • Calgary definitely has its fair share of strange laws (dating back to earlier times of course and very rarely if ever enforced) including:
    Fines for standing on a public bench or table
    Fines for spitting on the ground
    Anyone released from jail is allowed to use a horse, handgun and bullets as a means to prevent themselves from being attacked when leaving the city.  (So strange.)
    Snowball throwing is strictly forbidden without the go-ahead given by the city mayor himself
  • The Caesar was invented by a bartender at the Calgary Westin hotel in 1969

Who Knew!