Easter celebration

Officially the first day of spring arrives on 20 March 2018. Let`s hope that warm weather prevails and our mountains of snow will start to disappear. Spring arrives and so does Easter set for the last weekend of March. I am sure most families out there will be boiling eggs to make brightly colored Easter Eggs. Here is a suggestion that will make colouring eggs a fun night with your kids and you will end up with some fun bright designs in the end. Enjoy!

Collect the following:

Normal food colouring
1 or 2 cans of shaving cream – remember to use shaving cream and not gel.
Hard Boiled eggs
A flat bottom glass pan or bowl to roll the eggs in.

Ø Spray a layer of shaving cream in the bottom of the glass pan and smooth it out – about 1 inch.

Ø Use between 2 to 4 colours – using too many will result in brown or funny green colours – place the drops of food colouring in random spots all over the layer of shaving cream. The more random the better as the colours will swirl.

Ø With a toothpick, drag the stick through the shaving cream in random lines. Large swirls and loops will give the layering effect.

Ø Once you have the swirls the way you like, place the Easter Eggs in the shaving cream at one end.

Ø Gently roll the Easter Egg in a straight line from one side to the other.

Ø Carefully pick up the Easter Egg and place it on cardboard so it will not roll. You could use the egg carton for this. It will take about 5-10 minutes for the egg to dry.

Ø Take a paper towel and gently dry off the shaving cream off the egg.

Ø Sit back and admire the artistic work!